Why Hire A Coach?

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb​


You've got a Spark

Do you ever get the feeling you’re meant for something more? Maybe it has been there since childhood or maybe it’s something that’s only recently begun to swell within you. Either way, I want to hear about that spark. 


You don't feel like the fullest version of yourself

As a nonbinary individual I understand how it feels to see something inside yourself that you can’t quite articulate to the world around you. Clarifying this is essential to propelling yourself forward into an authentic life. 


Your Results aren't Satisfactory

Whether it’s the habit you’re trying to form, the image you’re trying to create, or the life you’re trying to develop – if you aren’t seeing optimal results you could benefit from coaching. We are skilled at seeing potential and empowering individuals to birth that into the world. 


You want to get more out of Life

Everyone has a unique energetic expression. This is wholly theirs and of immense value in the world. With the right refining you can develop this powerful signature and get paid very well to share it with others. 


Real client stories and case studies

B worked as a graphic designer, but had dabbled in HR stuff for a local construction company. She found she had a knack for developing strong connections between the employees and management. Her efforts had a track record of reducing turnover by 270%. She was planning to work hourly for them and make hopefully $20k per year to work 20 hours a week. When we talked I showed her how her expertise shouldn’t be measured by the hour. I coached her through the negotiation process and she ended up proposing $40k for the job and only works on it 5-10 hours per week. The management was ecstatic and would have paid twice that!

She now has the freedom to live the nomadic lifestyle she was craving and combined this gig with a few other curated entrepreneurial endeavors to help her be financially stable and working just a few hours per week. 

C suffered from debilitating panic attacks. She knew that is was likely a product of some childhood trauma. Her father was a yeller and would berate her any time she spoke out of turn. She’d been to several therapists and everyone said that it was probably just best to avoid any public speaking and that she’d likely be triggered for the rest of her life. C wasn’t ready to accept that fate though, so she hired me. 

We used a combination of protocols and techniques to clear the past trauma out of her body and mind. We practiced speaking and helped her find her voice. Within a few months of starting our work she was up in front of 5,000 people sharing her keynote and said she didn’t even have a flutter of nerves. 

Z was in transition. After exiting the military and his work in the government for a few decades he was ready to become an entrepreneur. He had the idea and the skills to launch a very successful startup. The problem was that he didn’t have the soft skills needed to make the jump. He hired me to help with the transition. 

After a few sessions we realized that his idea would need to marinate a little longer. We shifted gears and I helped him navigate the job application process and put him in with a more established startup at a hefty salary. He saved the $100k he was about to spend on an idea that wasn’t quite ready and now is sitting pretty on a few million about to launch it with the runway it needs. 

G was sure it was over. She’d already had one failed marriage and it looked like this one was going the same way. The biggest problem was that there were now children involved. She didn’t want to end the marriage, but she didn’t see how to move forward. No matter what she did her husband would pick it apart and she’d end up in tears. 

Before she filed the paperwork I asked her for a month. In that short time we were able to turn everything around. Turns out it wasn’t as much a problem with the marriage as it was her inability to assert herself and advocate for her needs. We worked on boundaries, her voice, and developed her power in the relationship. Her and her husband were able to re-establish trust and love in their relationship and have recommitted to their future together.