What people say

Smart, knowledgeable, and is incredibly focused with her clients. Couldn't recommend her more.
Sam Bhatt
If it wasn't for Courtney I would still be at my old job, stressed, crying, and in a permanent foul mood. Today I'm free to run a business that fulfills me, goes where I go, and I am HAPPY!!!
Brooke M.
Career Coach
Amazing chat with Courtney, she helped me identify the plates that I was carrying and spinning regarding my multiple business identities. She helped me get focus and reassure that doesn't mean the other ideas don't matter. Rather do one thing and focus. Brilliant! Can't wait to refer to other entrepreneurs.
Jill C.
Business Owner
Courageously honest. Nailing that tricky line between being super knowledgeable and a resource evoking transformation in her clients through our own discoveries. A value-adder if ever I saw one. Thanks Courtney.
Caroline Cohen
Life Coach
Wow! Get ready for an action-packed ride with Courtney! She is real, authentic, and genuine in her desire to help clients move forward toward success. As an entrepreneur herself, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as a life coach. I would highly encourage you to reach out to Courtney to see what she can do for you.
Bob Henderson
Men's Coach
I was stuck and struggling to ship my project. Courtney guided me through creating a system, allowing me to catalogue all my scattered ideas. She then helped me act on the most important tasks based on my personal and business priorities. I highly recommend the support she offers!
Zephrine H.
Wellness Coach
Courtney is a true business jack-of-all-trades! She was able to guide me through my business concept, creating pivotal milestones for me in order for me to meet my business goals. She is empathetic, focused, and truly cares for her clients and when she says she is going to 'craft a unique solution' for you, she means it. She takes the time to listen to her clients in order to meet them where they are at in business and in life. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, she needs to be your next call!
Eddie Ortiz
Finance Coach
I had the pleasure of speaking with Courtney yesterday. The thing that stood out at first was that she genuinely seemed interested in me and my business. I could tell she wanted to help where she could. I didn’t feel like just another sale. She obviously knows her stuff, and is eager to help. I’d definitely recommend working with Courtney on whatever project you need help on.
Courtney's ability to quickly identify your desired outcome and get you there is a gift. She is fast, accurate and a great partner to any endeavor. Without hesitation, I turn to Courtney for needs that only she can meet and as I expand into new arenas, bringing Courtney alongside has taken the pressure off.
Kim Levings
Executive Coach
I’m convinced Courtney is a walking fountain of wisdom. I love how she weaves humor brilliantly into her impromptu analysis. You might think, “I can figure out this life thing as I go.” No trust me, you want someone like Courtney in your corner.
Theo Vora
iOS Developer
Courtney made transformational shifts in my career. While working with her, I was able to build my coaching practice by being able to identify my skills sets, work through solutions and go to market. She challenged me to think bigger and know my value. I could not have gotten where I am today without Courtney. I am happy to refer her.
Courtney's skill set is massive. Her talents range from a deep understanding of neurolinguistics to finance. She carefully chooses what she takes on because she knows that she will crush it. She excels at breaking complex problems into manageable chunks. Courtney's unique ability to dive deep into projects, communicate clearly and implement is a winning combination. I have no doubt that we will work together for years to come. She adds immense value! I highly recommend!
Courtney is a strategic leader with a knack for details and processes to take your project to the next level.
I asked Courtney to meet with me about an idea I have for a freelance business. She successfully steered the conversation based on my meeting goals and helped me create timelines, pricing, budgeting, and prospecting strategies. Her thought process and ideas were very valuable and provided me with the confidence I needed to make this a reality. I am excited to get the business off the ground, and am looking forward to future accountability and coaching sessions with Courtney.