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“Courtney is the best!”

“Smart, knowledgeable, and is incredibly focused with her clients.”

“Couldn’t recommend her more.”


Courtney's Bio

Not your average dog mom.

Courtney Nicole [she/her]

Funky, forward-thinking, and fabulous. I’m a problem solver at heart and a people person by trade. I’ve got 15 years of success building freelance careers and a lifetime of living like a badass on the 3rd rock from the sun. 

My first freelance business launched when I was just 15 and within 3 months I had to hire additional laborers because I couldn’t handle the client load. Positioning things for success is natural for me. My analogies have been deemed my super power and my unofficial title of “Swiss Army Human” means I am more than qualified to help you face any challenge that comes your way. 

I currently reside in Colorful Colorado with my fiancée (Marissa) and our two pups (Watson and Whiskey). We spend our evenings drinking craft beer, doing crosswords, and solving life’s problems together. I am LGBTQ+ friendly, open to working with anyone, and ready to help you.


transition is my jam

Some people fear change, I'm obsessed with it

Change = opportunity

After a lifetime of drastic changes, I specialize in change and transition. When people are getting ready to make a change, I want to help them optimize it. 

Anytime we do something differently, we get a “turbo boost” of energy and grit. The magic happens when we capture that and position ourselves for maximum effectiveness. If you are about to make a change or start a business, you can’t afford to not call me. 

Unlimited Growth

Whether you want to raise your prices, keep your important clients, or market a new skill - none of it will happen by accident. Growth isn't something we stumble into: it's something we work for. However, if you are tired of working without results, you need a coach. I will help you calibrate your goals, optimize your processes, and position yourself for more freedom than you can imagine. That's why we do this, isn't it? Life should be in pursuit of freedom.

More High-Ticket Customers

You can have the best product in the world, but if you don't have people to share it with you are a hammer without a nail. We will find your rockstar buyer and customize your sales message so people will be begging you to work for them! Even if you've never been able to land a high-paying client before, that can all change. How am I sure? Because the principals I will equip you with have already worked for thousands like you.

Niche Down with Ease

There are only three categories in the marketplace:
Too • Special • Only
You can learn more about these market categories in my free Master Class, but the way to make mad cash is 100% about being the only. This means niching down and being the only one people want to hire when they need a job done. Gone are the days of being the jack of all trades. Your niche determines your success and I want to help you pick a profitable one.

Bust Your
Income Ceiling

Freelancers constantly fight to make more than they did the month before. The problem isn't the ceiling, it's the ladder they used to reach it. If you want to see breakthrough in your income potential - you need a coach. We will set goals together and then we will achieve them. I know it can be done because I've already done it in my own freelance career.


Get Started

If all this sounds too good to be true, let me prove it to you. I only take on the clients I know will succeed and therefore we start with a sprint trial session. In 20min we will assess your needs, target and solve a problem you’re facing, and craft several ideas for how you can start your journey to success today! Trust me, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

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Additional testimonials available upon request.

I was stuck and struggling to ship my project. Courtney guided me through creating a system, allowing me to catalogue all my scattered ideas. She then helped me act on the most important tasks based on my personal and business priorities. I highly recommend the support she offers!

Zephrine Hanson

Founder, Hampden Farms

Courtney is a strategic leader with a knack for details and processes to take your project to the next level.

Jamie Stahler

VP of Sales & Partnerships, Outreach Inc

Courtney is a true business jack-of-all-trades! She was able to guide me through my business concept, creating pivotal milestones for me in order for me to meet my business goals. She is empathetic, focused, and truly cares for her clients and when she says she is going to ‘craft a unique solution’ for you, she means it. She takes the time to listen to her clients in order to meet them where they are at in business and in life. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, she needs to be your next call!

Eddie Ortiz

Founder, Press Play Finance

I asked Courtney to meet with me about an idea I have for a freelance business. She successfully steered the conversation based on my meeting goals and helped me create timelines, pricing, budgeting, and prospecting strategies. Her thought process and ideas were very valuable and provided me with the confidence I needed to make this a reality. I am excited to get the business off the ground, and am looking forward to future accountability and coaching sessions with Courtney.

Emma M

Event Planner, White Cedar Events